I had two external examiners plus one internal examiner.

The examiner asked the caregiver about this and both agreed to add this item to the maternal diary.


The interaction between the child and the caregiver during a free play session lasting about 30 minutes was videotaped and audiotaped by the examiner.

Chapter 5 deals with teachers evaluating the performance of their pupils and reacting to the assessment of examiners, adjudicators, critics and agents.

The examiner read the question aloud to the child, who was asked to select the drawing that matched the verbal description.

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During the first home visit, the examiner explained the procedure and reviewed the answers to the questions in the subject information form.

None of the participants had difficulty hearing the examiners during either interview session.

Generations of students have benefited enormously from his guidance in their infant researches, and from his tact and understanding as an examiner.

For each of the three names, the examiner showed the child a picture of the referent and labeled the picture with its name.

They were told that the examiner was interested in documenting various words children produce during their early language development.

These examiners were known to the infants from other assessments at the center and thus were not completely novel individuals to the infants.

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The next fixation point was presented 600 ms after the examiner pressed the key for entering accuracy.

After each target word was presented in the story, the examiner paused the tape and administered the two comprehension probes for that item.

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After the students completed the practice problems, the examiner asked the students to call out the correct answers.

Over the past fifteen years or so examiner input in oral proficiency interviews has provided a constant topic of discussion within language assessment quarters.

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