Evolution of Splash Arts: All Champion 2016 (League of Legends) | Các hình đẹp về game

Có phải bạn đang muốn xem các hình về game phải không? Có phải bạn đang tìm chủ đề hình nền league of legends đúng vậy không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem những thông tin về nội dung này tại đây nhé.

Evolution of Splash Arts: All Champion 2016 (League of Legends) | Tổng hợp những hình về game đẹp nhất.

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Evolution of Splash Arts: All Champion 2016 (League of Legends)

Tôi thực sự đã làm việc chăm chỉ cho cái này. Cảm ơn vi tât cả sự ủng hộ của bạn! ^^ Đừng quên kiểm tra các video khác của tôi! * Cảm ơn @Jackesfox một số trong những nghệ thuật giật gân này không phải là “cũ so với mới” mà là “bản gốc so với bản Trung Quốc.” ————————————————– ————————— Nhạc nền được sử dụng trong video này: —————– ————————————————– ———- Zaza – Bên nhau Zaza • • • • ——————————- ———————————————- Bộ luật Văn hóa – Thực hiện Me Move (feat. Karra) Mã văn hóa • • • Karra • • • ———————————- ——————————————- Warriyo – Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) Warriyo • • • • Laura Brehm • • • • ————————————- —————————————- Omar Varela, Xavi & Gi – Stronger (feat Miss Lina) Omar Varela • • Xavi & Gi • • • Miss Lina • • ——————————– ——————————————– Vanze – Survive (feat Neon Dreams) Vanze • • • Neon Dreams • • • ————————————- ————————————– Electro-Light – Biểu tượng Electro-Light • Facebook • SoundCloud • Twitter • YouT ube – ———————————————— – ————————- Tobu – Candyland Tobu • SoundCloud • Facebook • Twitter • Spotify ———– – ———————————————— – ————–..

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36 Comement tại “Evolution of Splash Arts: All Champion 2016 (League of Legends) | Các hình đẹp về game”

  1. midnight ahri looked nicer before

  2. The first akali looks so young tho 😳 😍

  3. 2:54 My god old freljord ashe was so badass looking. New one looks just bad xD

  4. The poppy evo of msot of the skin is like puberty gone right

  5. the intro song triggered my fight or flight response

  6. A lot of the older ones looks much nicer in my opinon even if they are lower quality. Especially the Ahri ones and classic Caitlyn

  7. Looks like riot had an anime phase

  8. classic annie lookin high asf

  9. this needs an update
    wtf akali dont look like that LOL

  10. How about a drink?

  11. Akali's third splash art was missing

  12. 2020 :)))

  13. 17:57 old rammus looks like a 50 year old dad who's had one too many beers

  14. I like how they could not settle on a classic annie

    Edit: I take that back. Gangplank currently wins for most splash art remodels.

  15. Before: drawing with Microsoft Paint After: download a Photoshop (lol just joking thanks for Microsoft as well✨

  16. Bruh, Annie back then looks hideous

  17. Ruthless Pantheon but its a Morgana skin

  18. Yea, just moore boobs, arched backs, ass shots to please our oh soo manly simps.

  19. 17:59 Oh… Look at this dude….

  20. Old art looks…muddy and rough

  21. Old splash arts are nostalgic af. Reminds me of the highschool days where I just play for fun with the boys, now it's stressful the more I learn about the game. Alone…

  22. I miss old Phantom Karthus. My very first skin. Look how they massacred my boy 10:43

  23. Caitlyn is literally the ugliest character design in this game up to this day. The splash art improved greatly, but her outfit is still aboslutely horrendous and her sheriff skin is the ugliest shit I've ever seen. Actually the old art for sheriff was better somehow (still extremely cursed). They should entirely redesign her.

  24. Soraja before looked like a voodoo priestess that can 1v5 you with her muscles 😂

  25. u guys knows joe?pls tell me

  26. 8:08 Gangplank is wrong, that one on the left is Captain Gangplank

  27. Some pics are really a downgrade, like Ahri

  28. This video has so many fan arts and shit , and some reworks u didnt even adf

  29. The first 2 skins are wrong , midnight and dynasty , I can't finish the video it's probably all wrong

  30. i hate the new shit its way too anime and sexualized

  31. WTF happend with Midnight Ahri

  32. 1:56
    Best jump-scare ever.

    Smart choice.

    ML miya:
    Wise choice.

  33. We seriously need more splash arts like Temple Jax and Swamp Master Kennen

  34. Sadness that diana never got a redraw 🙁

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