Enthusiasm, however, can be ‘overdone’, as one respondent told me who, with his friends, used to laugh at the teacher who was ‘trying too hard’!

I suspect that this over enthusiasm may turn off readers from what is an interesting volume in many ways.


Such oft-repeated statements, however, do not dampen her enthusiasm for robotics as a means to understand biological form and function.

His enthusiasm for his subject produces some excessive stylistic flourishes, dramatic metaphors, rhetorical questions.

But their enthusiasm was swiftly deflated by immediate problems with the carriers who had been arranged for them.

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The study is written with great enthusiasm and appreciation for the didactic methods of the treatise.

Some nurses expressed enthusiasm, yet were unable to articulate clearly what integration meant or represented.

A historical framework for understanding the contemporary enthusiasm.

Filling in the questionnaire and survey may have taken too much time and some producers lost interest and enthusiasm.

This profiling can rank your enthusiasm for promotions, your brand loyalty, whether you are a ‘ ‘creature of habit’ ‘ and when you prefer to shop.

Self-development was mentioned by only 2% of respondents, perhaps reflecting limited enthusiasm for continence care among nurses.

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Fortunately for their intended victims, a series of high-profile acquittals# began to dampen their enthusiasm for libel prosecutions.

The same was true of patients with herniated disks, whose enthusiasm for back surgery was reduced after watching an interactive video (18).

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Such uncertainties notwithstanding, most ministers and critics of enthusiasm in that period adhered to a corpuscular account of individual and collective imagination.

What matters is that she has been encouraged to create a musical event which has been received with interest and enthusiasm by the teacher.

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