ENDER'S GAME – Trailer Announcement & Preview | Video game mới nhất từ Bem2

Có phải bạn đang muốn xem Clip game mà Bem2 cung cấp phải không? Có phải bạn đang tìm chủ đề ender’s game clip 1 đúng vậy không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem những thông tin về bài viết này tại đây nhé.

ENDER'S GAME – Trailer Announcement & Preview | Tổng hợp những Video game hay nhất.

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Đoạn giới thiệu World Premiere và Google+ Hangout với đạo diễn Gavin Hood, nhà sản xuất Roberto Orci và ngôi sao Asa Butterfield Thứ Ba, ngày 7 tháng 5 lúc 1PM PT / 4 PM ET – xem tại YouTube.com/EndersGameMovie và Google.com/+EndersGame. Cập nhật thông tin: Trở thành người hâm mộ trên Facebook: Theo dõi trên Twitter: Theo dõi trên Google+: Dựa trên cuốn tiểu thuyết bán chạy nhất, từng đoạt giải thưởng, ENDER’S GAME là một cuộc phiêu lưu sử thi với sự tham gia của Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis, cùng Abigail Breslin và Harrison Ford. ..

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49 Comement tại “ENDER'S GAME – Trailer Announcement & Preview | Video game mới nhất từ Bem2”

  1. Actually ender was never an underdog.

  2. They miscalculated the size of battleschool. it consists of three large rings with the largest one being 3km in diameter. In the center of those rings there are these massive boxes being constantly rotated around each other. Those are the battlerooms.

  3. his voice has gone really deep

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  6. Hey, calm down buttercup. How the hell is this a spoiler? You DO realize the book has been out for what, 28 years? If you had any interest in this movie, you would go read the book. If thats too much for you to handle then just dont watch it. This is comparable to finding out Darth Vader was Lukes father. Ohh spoiler alert! You've had more than enough time to find this shit out, grow up.

  7. Nah, I got the same feeling

  8. Is it me or do they sound really bored…

  9. In Ender's game Ender later says that his army was stacked in his favor. At first he thought that the army Bean made for him was weak but after fighting with them and seeing what they could do and how fast they learned from his leadership her know he was given the best.

  10. The fact Bean designed Ender's army wasn't revealed to him, so from his perspective he was the underdog. If we are just going by Ender's Game, he will seem to the audience as an underdog which is what I assume Asa means by the comment.

  11. Harrison Ford sounds so tired.

  12. They didn't give him the best army, all of his team members were sub par troops at best. He even got a large amount of launchies who hadn't even been in a single battle.

  13. There probably referring to his army as the underdog, not him in particular. If you recall, in the book he was assigned some of the most sub par troops out of the entire school, and he trained them to be the best army in the school.

  14. Get right or get left.

  15. aaaaa shiiit the enemies gate is down XD

  16. 0:16 Asa is like : I'm sitting next to this fucking legend

  17. Actually he is kind of bullied at the beggining in school until he ends it once and for all

  18. Took the thought right outta my head.

  19. i'd rather see asa butterfield's panats down

  20. I agree that people like graf and anderson believed in him. But you can't tell me that Bonzo or even Petra didn't consider him an underdog when they first met him. Then of course there was the fact that he was born a third which made him an underdog of society. Look I'm not suggesting that he was an underdog for the entire book, but he certainly was not the opposite for the entire book.

  21. I'm curious about whether they're using "The enemy's gate is down" in the sense that it was in the book, regarding Ender's re-orientation in zero g's, or whether they mean "down" like "man down get the medic"

  22. That's resilience not being an underdog. They believe he's capable and are testing him, the only people who treat him like an underdog are his commanding officers. in the Battle School armies

  23. He's an underdog in the sense that he's always up against it. Life is always throwing him curveballs that he has to overcome, nothing is handed to him.

  24. I wouldn't say that, at least, not in the first book. I'd consider him an underdog, albeit a very very clever one, at the beginning of the book in regards to his other classmates.

  25. All Card was trying to say was that Ender and Valentine loved each other as SIBLINGS. what you are trying to say is terrible. And in later books, Ender marries someone else.

  26. *is my favourite actor

  27. I've read Enders game twice and I'm reading it a third time now. And Asa Butterfield I'd

  28. I'm currently reading the book for school right now 😀

  29. First–way over the top. Second, great book. Hopefully great movie. You're missing out. Who cares what he thinks personally.

  30. Thank you Michael, for so nicely illustrating the other extreme.

  31. loved the "Indoctrination" part. so, so very true.

  32. woah, chill brother. no one mentioned sex.. well, i didnt anyway. thats what i loved about ender and valentine was theyer pure relationship, like how speaker for the dead put it, they where partners, two halves of a whole.

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  34. I belive you are stupid.BIG STUPID IDIOT.

  35. …or "You MUST condemn homosexuals to hell, or you'll join them yourself". The Westboro Baptists wouldn't like Card anymore than same-sex marriage advocates. Check out Mr. Card's website sometime, read his columns there (and in the Nauvoo Times), and I think you'll find that even if you don't agree with him on everything, you won't believe he's a bigot or a lunatic. I was just trying to find this positive review he wrote on a a book written by an openly homosexual author, but I had lost it.

  36. As I've said above, Card is not "anti-gay", in the sense that he's supposed to be a raving bigot as some here have implied. He has homosexual friends, and he has written about homosexual characters in his books with love and decency towards them. What he has commented on his columns, over and over again, is the idiotic tendency of both sides to insist on their own extreme version of morality. "You MUST sanction same-sex marriage, or your a horrible, evil bigot!"

  37. OSC has never said any such thing. You wanna make an intelligent point, argue against statements actually made, not your own straw-men.

  38. Chill, He stated his opinion.. Darn you. He is allowed to do that as a human being, he did NOT persecute you. He states his opinion.. I disagree with them, but that does NOT mean, they should not be stated.

  39. I'm not fucking anyone, so why should you have different coverage than me? How about taking a chill pill instead?

  40. I'm glad you're right with God. I wish you would spend more time on spelling…rederic is spelled rhetoric and if you had noticed the red line under your word you could have corrected it. Here's one for you. Those that live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones.

  41. 0:39, it's kinda funny to see the mandarin guy here xD

  42. And it was written by a fundamentalist Mormon author that thinks gay people should be executed. Fuck this movie, fuck him, fuck you Harrison Ford for making him more money and fuck this stupid script.

  43. yes it is and i agree with every word.

  44. i never knew that, i feel like my favorite story has been tainted. but it is strange, i cannot image Card being anti gay, when he made the ender and valentine paring, which many would say promotes something far worse.

  45. That's all fine and dandy, and your welcome to cling to religious beliefs if they make you feel better and you don't inflict them on others. But… Orson Scott Card is still a homophobic prick (who can tell a good story, that's for sure).

  46. Remember ,remember the First of November 🙂

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  48. Calling Card homophobic is true. It's a fact. The guy has written essays on why gay people are stupid and irresponsible.
    It's fine to think that being gay is wrong – my entire family does, and they love me though I'm a lesbian. On the other hand, Card is a bigot because he does persecute homosexuals. If he kept it to himself but was still attacked, that would be bigotry from the other side, but people have the right to fight back.
    Being gay isn't a choice, but being hateful is.

  49. Ender: "You can use a side hand-hold if you want."
    Bean: "Go suck on it," that line stuck in my head the most.

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