Ender's Game Final / Last Battle Scene! | Video game mới nhất từ Bem2

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Ender's Game Final / Last Battle Scene! | Tổng hợp những Clip game hay nhất.

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Ender's Game Final / Last Battle Scene!

Cảnh báo Spoiler! Trận chiến cuối cùng của trò chơi Ender! Bài hát: Steve Jablonsky – Bài kiểm tra cuối cùng..

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35 Comement tại “Ender's Game Final / Last Battle Scene! | Video game mới nhất từ Bem2”


  2. bonzo during this scene: 🤤🤤🤤

  3. How the fk do you have drone carriers and dreadnoughts but no MF POINT DEFENSE/FLAK?!?!!>@!!

  4. 4:45, dat gaming macro keyboard

  5. Exterminatus!

  6. Just wondering is the fleet Ender commanding just drones or are there people on those ships.

  7. You know nothing of war. War is dark. Black as pitch. It is not a God. It does not laugh or weep. It rewards neither skill nor daring. It is not a trial of souls, not the measure of wills. Even less is it a tool, a means to some womanish end. It is merely the place where the iron bones of the earth meet the hollow bones of men and break them.

    – R. Scott, Bakker

  8. I forgot about this movie but if this is real then how he can TPP??

  9. inquisitor, is exterminatus the only solution?

  10. They did fail on the majority of the movie to show what ender wiggen actually is. He was born for war. Casualties are nothing to him. If it meant victory he would have collided planets. This does touch on something metal gear solid said in its second game. War is just a game what way to raise the perfect soldier. Its easy for people above you to manipulate you when there is no notion of loss in our digital day and age. If an online game came out tomorrow with very real graphics and it turned out you was remote controlling drones to kill actual people would you still play the game? Its easy to kill in chess cause it's just meaningless pieces but could you sacrifice battalions of people just so you can checkmate an enemy?

    What this movie lacked in character development it made up in modern day concerns on deep fake scenarios, controlled media and justification of child soldiers.

    I really hated the continuous countdowns I heard the numbers 3,2,1 so many times.

  11. Geneva convention? How about Geneva suggestion.

  12. the sound track at 3:25 like is an absolute masterpiece👌
    Also i really doubt anyone on that ship survived, they were still accelerating through the atmosphere when they fired, that ship prolly crashed into the planet cause there is no way something that big moving that fast can stop in that amount of space.

  13. I swear. This movie has amazing visuals, but it's not really good as capturing the essence of the original novel. It creates some plot-holes and fails miserably with the physiological part of the story. Which is, to be honest, the best part. If anyone hasn't yet read the book I highly recommend it. It is easily one of the best novels I've ever read and one of the best Sci-Fi stories of all time. Its a really easy read and totally worth it. I've managed to convince many of my friends to give the book a try. Though it was hard, after the started, they couldn't put it down. It's sad that the movie wasn't as good, but that's understandable. It's hard to put a book like that in a ~2hours movie. it would have been so much better as a series… sigh… All I can say is that you should definitely read this book. So good and totally worth it

  14. we can say that humanity is at a level close to type 2, the other civilization is probably around type 1.3because humanity has an advanced technology weapon called the little doctor.

  15. I keep thinking he could have used the dreadnoughts and carriers as armour as well.

  16. The amount of bitching about this movie is beyond belief. To all those bitching, you all do realize that this movie was based on the novel by the same name? It follows the source material pretty fucking well. Ender was used as a pawn from the world "go". In fact, the following novels go into greater detail of what Ender felt after it was revealed what he had done.

  17. I really hope I never see the day humans do this.

  18. I cry every time I see that shot hit.

  19. So in Starcraft terms: A Battlecruiser sacrifices an entire armada just to Yomama-Cannon the low-hp Zerg Hatchery…

    Nah hard pass for me. Just nuke the shit out of it already lmao

  20. Hm? First Extarminatus? Worry not young Inquisitor, you'll get used to it.

  21. I really liked this movie but Im not sure about the ending. If the leaders of Earth knew Ender made contact with a queen and was taking one of her eggs to another planet to start over, they would have blasted Ender right out of the stars.

  22. Dude any hw2 player could do betta

  23. Ender : They called me a madman

  24. Exterminatus! XENOS!

  25. Nice 🙏🙏💯💯💯

  26. What makes me sick about the ending of the movie is the fact that the enemy showed compassion. It was a miss understanding, and yet the humans created genocide. The adults knew what was happening and stood by and let it happen. ender dose say "how we win matters" and I agree. We don't what other aliens were out there potentially watching the battle. Now we just told them that if you strike us you better kill us in the first move or we will kill you all.

  27. I never liked this movie but I must say the idea of having a bunch of kids playing a video game type “test” only for them to find out it was real after they won is actually a pretty interesting and honestly terrifying concept.

  28. The humans were fucking retarded in this film, expending countless resources to make children make decisions any adult could make ten times over.

    All they had to do was fire the big fuckoff gun at the planet in the first place, and they would have won.

  29. Lul Just hire some profesion starcraft player and they can do better than this

  30. One of the best books I read and what a great twist too.

  31. With that kind of weapons and technology the adults didn't think to just nuke the planet? Hahahaha.

  32. Iapetus / [with the LDTEVC alliance] 2021-01-27 lúc 11:59 chiều

    The planet looks like Mars

  33. When X Æ 12 created a game

  34. That seems like a pretty simple strategy. Why did they need kids like Ender to do it?

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