Các ví dụ của effectiveness



The introduction of iron improved the effectiveness of coastal rice-growing technology.

Unfortunately, rigorous scientific data are lacking on the efficacy and effectiveness to justify medical practice.

The assessment of workload and team effectiveness is reported elsewhere.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of a local campaign is not just a matter of local parties being rich in resources.

For example, sometimes it will be in the interests of the effectiveness of the relationship that both parties make asset-specific investments.

Technical regulation and enforcement may have actually declined in effectiveness until recent reforms were implemented.

The inter-personal skills of the teacher also influence teaching effectiveness.

The two parameters of a synthesis procedure that researchers should be most concerned with are its effectiveness and efficiency.

A literature search revealed no similar studies assessing the effectiveness of bereavement camps.

Effectiveness of targeting the vulnerability factors of depression in cognitive therapy.

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Such evaluations can support cost-effectiveness analyses that guide product choice and ultimately improve surgical outcomes.

Identifying the assessments that offer the greatest benefits in relation to their cost will ultimately improve the (cost-) effectiveness of the healthcare system.

To make the analyses most comparable, we decided to include both longitudinal and vertical effectiveness measures.

This study describes how home visits were used in an attempt to improve the effectiveness of a family planning service.

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In this respect the commentary will indicate whether appropriate study design was employed and relevant statistical analyses undertaken on the estimates of effectiveness/benefit.

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Các cụm từ với effectiveness


Các từ thường được sử dụng cùng với effectiveness.

Bấm vào một cụm từ để xem thêm các ví dụ của cụm từ đó.

combat effectiveness

Even it was encumbered with serious organisational problems that, in turn, diminished its combat effectiveness.

evidence of effectiveness

Designing an outcome-based ethics curriculum for professional education: strategies and evidence of effectiveness.

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Bản dịch của effectiveness

trong tiếng Tây Ban Nha

efectividad [feminine]…

trong tiếng Việt

sự hiệu quả…

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in more languages

trong tiếng Pháp

trong tiếng Malay

trong tiếng Đức

trong tiếng Na Uy

trong tiếng Séc

trong tiếng Đan Mạch

trong tiếng Ý

trong tiếng Indonesia

trong tiếng Thái

efficacité [feminine], efficacité…

effektivitet [masculine], effektivitet…

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