These concepts and psychological attributes can be identified and evaluated by educators in a process that could include student self-evaluation and validation.

This may be the most practical guide yet for music educators who are searching for authenticity in their world musics teaching.


It is a problem that most electroacoustic educators seek to address in combination with the provision of extensive practical composition skills.

Music therapists and educators have extensive practical experience of children making such strides in their development and passing across such thresholds.

Arts educators have repeatedly argued for the intrinsic value of artistic endeavour.

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For teacher educators, there are exercises for expansion, which prompt students to use and extend the material in each chapter.

The number of farmers increased as other farmers learned of the opportunity from participating farmers and educators.

We believe that medical educators have a responsibility to prepare their students and residents for lives of moral leadership and excellence.

His conclusion is that the results should be gratifying for the music educator, indicating music’s importance in young people’s lives.

Still, music educators in other countries and continents may not find things exactly to their liking either.

Clearly, teacher educators know the meaning of multiculturalism and believe that it should play a more significant role in colleges of education.

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At the same time that this view is advanced, historians and educators alike lament the neglect of and disregard for history in our time.

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The influential music educators noted above were also touched by developments in art music (and jazz).

So educators from both fields come into the teaching of this course feeling secure in certain aspects and a bit insecure in others.

Are the practices themselves flawed, and what are the responsibilities of music educators towards changing those practices?

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