These dynasties achieved a great success in popularising their saints but ultimately at the cost of the complete transformation of the saints themselves.

Finite-lived agents are situated in a dynasty with continuously overlapping generations.


Patronage was another avenue by which these women represented the dynasty in a highly visible way.

The state was therefore effectively insulated from the tribal power holders who had overthrown previous dynasts and dynasties.

In this case, the wealth of members of a dynasty at any instant can be interpreted as a bequest from preceding generations.

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Thus, the dynasty which committed the infringements (of justice) may be replaced before the city is ruined.

Throughout the dynasty, officials freely chose how and to what degree to implement those charges.

On the other hand, both dynasties were regarded as being truly splendid.

For some people, the symbol of the nation, the dynasty, was threatened and in danger of becoming tainted.

Of course, political dynasties can, and often do, appear even in democratic regimes.

Her knowledge of the utilization of geological resources by the engineers and craftsmen of successive kingdoms and dynasties is clearly expressed over thirteen chapters.

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By choosing to take their techniques and to forbid the spread of their doctrine, our dynasty has shown deep wisdom.

When first establishing a ruling dynasty, rulers had to create individual power that was separate from that of everyone else in society.

It is hard to avoid the sense that these junior associates of powerful dynasties were expected to ‘deliver’ a parish politically.

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Some of them are even from previous dynasties, and therefore very dubious.

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