DESKTOP GOOSE – Free Download – Untitled Goose Game Goose Runs Havoc on Your Desktop!

Ever wanted your very own Untitled Goose Game goose that runs around your desktop causing havoc and keeping you company? Well that dream is now a reality!!!

Head over to where you can download DESKTOP GOOSE! This little guy will run around, fetch you memes (from a dedicated folder you can fill with your own favourite images and gifs) and just generally keep you company whilst you play games, write emails, sit in discord…anything you can do on your desktop!!!

Free Download link here (BUT, you can support the creator with a donation to support creativity if you so wish):

Bài viết được tổng hợp bởi Bem2vn | Xem và tải game hay khác tại đây:

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26 Comement tại “DESKTOP GOOSE – Free Download – Untitled Goose Game Goose Runs Havoc on Your Desktop!”

  1. Omg yes hahaha i Need it to try playing csgo with it so it kidnappes my mouse haha

  2. Angel Matias MEDINA ARRASCO 2021-09-04 lúc 7:17 sáng


  3. D̶O̶V̶I̶S̶ L̶T̶U̶ 2021-09-04 lúc 7:17 sáng

    I trolled the workers of the electronics shop i brought my pc and said that i need to download some games i have set the wallpaper as animated grassfield like it look like a 2d game you know a pond a few trees and this goose they tough the goose is just mooving walppaper but it stole the arrow lmao and started mooving the folders they tought i have virus and then laughten when they realised that its a goose app lmao

  4. GOOSE DOWNLOAD ??????

  5. where can i get this

  6. Velazquez Yañez Sergio Yakin 2021-09-04 lúc 7:17 sáng

    soy el unico mexiano que ve esto?


  8. gotta love that tower background

  9. Finally a YouTuber not calling it a Virus

  10. This video


  11. It’s not free anymore 😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Me when I install desktop goose,: I can now feel like an NPC in untitled goose game

  13. You can get a purple guy one
    He also grabs scarp trap thingies
    Same as fnaf ones
    Also @NNOYING

  14. anyone else have the goose running around and honking at this video. Also in the middle, he said "Nice work" On the goose not-epad

  15. yo, i need some help. The little guy cuts my frames from 60 to 30, is there a way to fix this?

  16. I wish I could have this on my iPad 😶

  17. Desktop goose took over someones computer and watch the video it is called desktop goose took over my computer

  18. Can you get rid of it????? Like delete it or something??

  19. Curixosity ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 2021-09-04 lúc 7:17 sáng

    I added this onto my sisters computer without telling her to make her really confused

  20. Reminds me of bonzi buddy

  21. have you found out how to record the goose without recording your whole desktop?

  22. Click esp To Goose to go away

  23. Me: well looks like i have to uninstall it (pressed esc) x100 Me: that's almost……………..

  24. I would like to warch you playng something while is this goose walking and stealing your mouse and bring you goose memes xD

  25. yoooooo Destiny 2

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