The maximum position of the bremsstrahlung radiation crosssection gets closer to the target ion with increasing nonideal-plasma parameter.

This is a potentially important book that will be enjoyed by a wide crosssection of the geoscience community.


Given a crosssection of expanding and shrinking plants, little overall correlation may emerge between size and productivity growth.

This is exaggerated in a closed tunnel test section (here the model occupies 16% of the total crosssection area) by wake blockage effects.

Forum managers developed some practical insights into the difficulties of getting an economic cross-section of society to participate in the same discussion.

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In this case, the energy dependence of the crosssection of nuclear excitation is considerable and the experimental curve deviates from a straight line.

Coverage in crosssection is taken to represent the whole life cycle of individuals in the group.

In spite of crosssection data, there is price variation because farmers buy inputs from different sources.

These axial velocities provide a velocity profile at a particular crosssection of the pulmonary artery, thus describing blood flow characteristics across the vessel.

Typical large-scale statistical comparisons over time and space have between 2,250 and 4,850 observations, using pooled crosssection time-series datasets.

On the contrary, he argued that the rebels represented a crosssection of their local societies.

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The above papers provide a good crosssection of applications where expert assistants are being trialled or used on a day-to-day basis.

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For that purpose, we will use crosssection analysis of transfers to provinces in 1995.

To estimate the cyclical behavior of capital-asset ratios we rely on pooled crosssection times series regressions with a fixed-effects procedure8.

Analytical expressions have been obtained for magnetic surfaces with circular crosssection.

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