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Cốm, or green rice, is a flattened rice dish in Vietnamese cuisine. It is not dyed green, as can be done with pandan, but is immature rice kernels roasted over very low heat then pounded in a mortar and pestle until flattened.[1] Cốm is a seasonal dish associated with autumn. It can be eaten plain or with coconut shavings. The taste is slightly sweet with a nutty flavor. It is a popular seasonal dessert across Vietnam, especially in Red River Delta cuisine.

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A traditional pastry, bánh cốm (green rice cake), is made using cốm with mung bean filling. Cốm is often offered to worship the ancestors in the Mid-Autumn Festival. The green rice can also be used in a sweet soup, chè cốm. Cốm is called com dep among the Khmer people.

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  1. ^ Fermented Foods: Naturally Enzymatic Therapy T. H. Yellowdawn – 2008 “Un-ripe rice is the grain of rice was just almost finished its forming the grains. Un-ripe rice was called “Cốm” in Vietnam, The grain is still soft and then start to ripe …”

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