Rather, chivalry as a literary genre could constitute a joke when applied in the circumstances of real war.

Any restraint, like chivalry, is conspicuously absent.


The texts of historical memory translate these negative elements into mournful yet nostalgic and reverent images of the patriotic dead, the faded days of chivalry, and domestic bliss.

History has shown that men are less inclined to show their traditional chivalry in such circumstances.

He calls it justice: it may be justice, but if we are going to found our action on justice then cease to speak of chivalry.

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I think it is a combination that adds up to the great quality of chivalry.

I submit that the young men of the present age would act in precisely the same way and their feeling of chivalry would come in.

He showed a want of chivalry that was quite unlike him.

As for chivalry, it has been considered that the day for speaking of that in regard to women has gone by.

In war, he has given proof of courage, in peace he has added to that courtesy; perhaps “chivalry” would be the right word.

Loyalty, chivalry and the other qualities that go with being in the military do not belong to any particular individual or party.

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Therefore, none of the ancient feelings attached to the contests and battles of love and chivalry about the old bridge should move us now.

We have thus recorded that, so far as the judiciary is concerned, the age of chivalry is not dead.

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In the great national crisis in 1914, the young manhood of this country responded to the appeal to their manhood, their chivalry and their patriotism.

We can go back in history and think of the days of chivalry.

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