career break

To call caring a ‘career break‘ is to show ignorance of what carers do and the value of what they do.

It is equally important to create a proper status for women who wish to return to work after taking a career break.


She has had a career break and may not be able to get on any rung of a working ladder.

So, if an employer thinks that it makes economic sense to introduce career break arrangements, that is fine.

During this time, employees keep in touch, undertake refresher courses and are able to re-enter employment at the end of the career break.

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A career break system allows individuals to take up to five years’ unpaid special leave.

The worst effect is on those taking a career break, for example to start a family.

Some teachers who left service will return after a career break.

It will assist them to secure equal opportunities with male colleagues who have not had such a career break.

The leavers include dentists who are retiring or taking a career break.

In contrast, a city earner with high earnings and no career break would repay just £15,000.

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In fact, the extra money would come from medium and low earners, especially anyone unfortunate enough to take a career break.

If he carries on asking such questions, it could be a very long career break.

Those who want to return to work after a career break find it increasingly difficult.

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In addition, many of those who leave service each year return to teaching after a career break.

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