Hi. Today I bought a new house and new car on Play together. I hope you enjoy watching my mini house tour and how I drive my classic black car. Add me on Play together!

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  1. I created a discord server where we can all meet and talk to each other. If you wanna join this is the link:

  2. You are not driving well ……and you can buy a sports car also it's tooo big …. and i think you don't know how to play 🤣🤣🤣🤔

  3. Hi mam I m ur biggest fan

  4. I have that green bike

  5. Toca emliy numberblocks shorts and returns 2021-08-29 lúc 6:12 chiều

    OMG guess what in toca boca I am going to get the water front and the university and… amusement park!!!!!!!!!! In 5 months December 25/2021

  6. I not like your house very bad house

  7. 😭😭😭 l wish l HAD this game is doesn't show in my phone is there anyway to dolwand it

  8. Eu sou nova

  9. Heya, your videos seems to be good🥰
    Going to give you a sub❤️
    Butterfly678 is my in game name! You can send me friend request😊😊

  10. iuiuuyayuyauyssssaajjjkkjktttttt

  11. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 FOR FEA AND PI

  12. my name is skyieeeeeee

  13. Your friends with Peirusister? Meh too:O

  14. Hey'me bus home???

  15. Woah dude I really enjoyed this video Imma sub ❤💕💖
    And also, the reason your car is so slow is because you aren't pressing the excelarator haha, it's the rightmost button and has a speedometer on it 🙂
    This car is actually really fast hehe and it's actually way better than the other cars
    Hope this helps 🥰

  16. Hey I am gonna to buy a new house soon my ID is shinier 🤩

  17. ur cute and beautiful❤️

  18. Phreia can we be friends in Play Together? My nickname in the game is Afiba1702
    Edit: I changed my nickname afibaa

  19. Thats me when u visit the car shop i was there with my friend name JadeK did u see it?

  20. nice house😍 earn money to get a bigger one💖

  21. Her with 29352 dollars why am I so poor!?
    Me with 60 dollars trying to earn money

  22. When you start party I am there I like that house

  23. Congratulations for buying your beautiful car and I like your pretty house 😍😊👍👍👍

  24. I bought the Roadster!!
    Thanks to my special item.
    Wanna know what item is??

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