A number of respondents thought they might be safer than ordinary bulbs, as they needed to be changed less often.

In addition to the dry appearance the bulbs are frequently quite definitely below the size to be expected and are somewhat soft.


We did not detect any reporter+ cells with neuronal morphology in the olfactory bulb of double transgenic mice.

The user therefore has to interpolate from his measured wet-bulb temperature to find the vapour pressure or relative humidity.

Thus, it became necessary to document and study the monoliths at night, using the battery of an automobile and lamps with low-voltage bulbs.

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As a direct result of this loss the scales shrink slightly, air-pockets thickly populated with mites are formed, and the whole bulb becomes flaccid.

A directly viewed grain-of-wheat bulb, placed off to the side in the dimly illuminated room, was used for peripheral fixation.

This work included cutting the lateral olfactory tract, thereby isolating the olfactory bulb from olfactory cortex.

The child then experienced six acoustic probes which alternated between the light bulb being on and off (on, off; on, off; on, off).

The bulbs were switched on and o manually each day at 1730 and 2030 hours respectively.

Most noticeable was the beginning of the formation of the median bulb; the nucleus of the dorsal oesophageal gland also became pronounced.

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As previously stated, mites congregate upon the buds at about the time at which these are extruded from the bulb neck.

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The ambient temperature was recorded using a dry bulb thermometer.

As the foliage dies back the mites wander along it and so cross to adjacent bulbs.

Undamaged bulb b emits light if s2 is closed.

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