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The commissioning group facilitated bids from the voluntary sector, linking them to academic units.

Takes the value of 1 if there was an organizational diagram of the proposed management and delivery structure of the bid, 0 otherwise.

Regarding the follow-up bid, it appeared that the distribution of (yes, yes) responses diminished with bid size.

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One could analyse bids across regions to see if there is regional variation in success controlling for regional variation in bid.

Quality of the bid document appeared in eight of the ten regions, though not the same quality variables.

With no support in the south and east, his presidential bid was all but doomed even before it was launched.

First, the government changed the rules of eligibility for urban funding so that bidding groups outside the old programme areas could apply.

Agents used in e-commerce applications may negotiate contracts or bid in auctions on behalf of their users.

The bid-ask spread displays a similar seasonal pattern, with weekends exhibiting larger spreads (0.00110) relative to regular business days (0.00083).

These bids flowed down the chain from customer to supplier until most of the buy bids had filtered to the sellers.

The quantity bid for depends on the source destination pair’s demand and link capacity constraints.

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Pre-1986 contracts had been costed and bid at pre-devaluation rates.

Its basic functions guide its constraints in narrowing the ranges of their bids.

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Takes the value 1 if there was any community involvement with the bid mentioned, 0 otherwise.

The bidder had made the same bid in an earlier round.

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