A person can affirm the difference principle and yet be disposed to maximizing behavior in market settings without betraying egalitarian commitments.

Some patients want the freedoms they previously enjoyed before their bodies began to betray them.


A badly conducted strike, extremely acrimonious or negative, even when done for the right reasons may still result in patients feeling betrayed by the profession.

The thematic links, however, betray some of the ambitions of anthro-literary writing.

Rare edits betray some analog sources, and a little applause and coughing some live performances.

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Archives are richer in detailing institutional arrangements, but they too betray attitudes.

Such an interpretation of the situation pertaining in the territory betrays signs of either fiscal convenience or wilful ignorance.

Thus, for example, while my visual perception can betray me, my imaginative consciousness cannot.

While central or focal cases may betray no naming difference, borderline cases for natural kinds and colours do.

The text betrays horrible over-generalization, incorrect spelling of taxonomic names and factual errors.

All too often he betrays his urgent themes in pretentious passages of self-display.

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You betrayed the trust we placed in you when you came and built your churches, when you started to convert.

In this resistance, the latent again betrays the blatant.

The basic account of molluscan biology is fair enough but betrays a lack of real understanding of the matter.

They report that the civilian population of the annexed province has outrageously betrayed them.

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