The middling sorts were keen consumers of publicly performed music as well as avid makers of music in their homes.

For example, indications for cataract surgery will vary, depending on whether the patient is an avid reader or prefers to watch television instead.


They also have extensive vocabulary and are avid storytellers.

In addition to building boats, she is an avid fisherwoman, artist, and walker (97).

This is another salient example of the public’s avid consumption of archaeology and its multivalent imagery.

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To someone like myself who is an avid student of history, his work is a pleasure to read.

He was, however, an avid intellectual organiser and provocateur, who relished debate and welcomed polemical interchanges with colleagues at home and abroad.

His contribution is extremely enjoyable to read, as it contains many innovative ideas as well as personal autobiography of an avid experimentalist.

Both of us had for long been avid readers of periodicals in our field and thought we had some feel for what constituted successful editing.

Even avid book will find something new in this documentary.

He writes as an amateur: that is, his training is as a historian, and his musical experience is that of the avid listener.

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Koizumi, for instance, had never been an avid supporter of inflation targeting.

Albendazole metabolites could be completely extracted from plasma without pre-treatment with organic solvent, which is suggestive of their less avid binding with plasma proteins.

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Avid binding would offer one explanation for the failure of repeated mating early in oestrus to displace a population of viable spermatozoa from the isthmus.

Goba, an avid consumer of political developments, complained bitterly when the news slowed or stopped for just a few days.

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