Avengers Endgame Young Avengers Scene Easter Eggs – Marvel Phase 4 Breakdown | Clip game mới nhất từ Bem2

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Avengers Endgame Young Avengers Scene Easter Eggs – Marvel Phase 4 Breakdown | Tổng hợp những Clip game hay nhất.

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Avengers Endgame Young Avengers Scene Easter Eggs - Marvel Phase 4 Breakdown

Avengers Endgame Young Avengers Cảnh Trứng Phục sinh, Giải thích đoạn giới thiệu Marvel giai đoạn 4, Avengers Endgame Du hành thời gian Các cảnh bị xóa và Giai đoạn 5 ► Avengers What If Comic Con Trailer Đoạn phim ► The Boys Season 2 Cảnh Trứng Phục sinh. Marvel Phase 4 Teaser, Kang The Conqueror Marvel Villain, Marvel Phase 5 Young Avengers dự án. Iron Lad, Black Panther 2 Shuri, Hawkeye Kate Bishop, Ant Man and The Wasp 3 Cassie Lang. Bảng điều khiển D23 Marvel Phase 4 sẽ diễn ra trong tuần này, với Đoạn giới thiệu về Góa phụ đen và Bản xem trước của The Eternals và các Phim khác của Marvel Phase 4 và Series Avengers Endgame Spinoff. Tôi sẽ làm video cho tất cả mọi thứ! Art của Chris Ave41 Kênh Twitch Twitter Facebook Instagram Tumblr :: Danh sách phát cho các chương trình :: Tình trạng khẩn cấp mới tuyệt vời ► Game of Thrones Season 8 ► Avengers Infinity War và Marvel Movies ► Rick and Morty Season 4 ► The Witcher Netflix Series ► Dragon Ball Super Episodes ► Spider Man Far From Home ► The Flash Season 5 ► Deadpool Videos ► Justice League Batman and DC Movies ► Star Wars Episode 9 ► My Website ► THANKS FOR WATCHING !! ..

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28 Comement tại “Avengers Endgame Young Avengers Scene Easter Eggs – Marvel Phase 4 Breakdown | Clip game mới nhất từ Bem2”

  1. Here's my new Avengers Phase 4 and Phase 5 Easter Egg video. Let me know if you spotted it in the theater. The backstory of how it wound up in the movie is amazing! The D23 Marvel Phase 4 Panel is this week. I'll do videos for everything they bring!

  2. my theory is that even tho that peter parker isnt the next iron man but he will be the iron man of the Avengers. and not only him but i think since cassie/ antmans daughter aged in endgame, she will get her own antman suit since they teased it in antman 2

  3. I need that mcu ironlad concept art image!!!

  4. Where did you got that mcu ironlad concept art image that is on the cover of the video?!!!

  5. I hope they get iron mans daughter to play the new iron man

  6. So here's my Young Avengers MCU slate…

    The Young Avengers- The start of the first phase of the Young Avengers begins with the first group film, foreshadowed through the events of Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Patriot), WandaVision/Doctor Strange: in the Multiverse of Madness (Wiccan and Speed), Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), Captain Marvel 2 (Hulking), and Ant-Man 3 (Stature), finally brought to bare when the young heroes/heroines are brought together by Iron Lad in order to stop a time-travelling conqueror from enslaving Earth.

    They will more than likely want to use Disney+ even more for the Young Avengers. So we'll either get a single Young Avengers Disney+ series directly linked to the Young Avengers films and will lead into the films. The 'Young Avengers' IP will be reserved for film, and instead there will be several Disney+ shows based on the various members and their personal stories outside of the Young Avengers storyline. Or they will do both, with films being major plot arcs in the Young Avengers' story, and the Disney+ show Young Avengers be more interpersonal, and more low-level villains. While also giving each individual cast member their own separate stories when they aren't with the Young Avengers. Also, new Young Avengers can be introduced throughout the shows.

    Young Avengers: Return of Ultron- When a group of young heroes/heroines come to Earth-616 seeking refuge, they are revealed to be from a reality where Ultron succeeded in his plans, and many of the Avengers were killed or in hiding. Of the fallen Avengers, they're survived by their children- James Rogers (son of Captain America and Black Widow), Azari (son of Black Panther and Storm), Torunn (daughter of Thor and Sif), Francis Barton (son of Hawkeye and Mockingbird), and Henry Pym Jr (son of Giant Man and the Wasp) who were brought together by Tony Stark of their reality. He trained them and eventually sent them off world when Ultron found them. I think it'd also be dope to have them make the Young Avengers version of Vision- Jonas, in this film as well.

    More Disney+ shows including The Runaways, Cloak and Dagger, New Mutants (eventually New Mutants Training Squad since Prodigy co-leads that group with Wind Dancer while also being a member of the Young Avengers, etc.

    Young Avengers: Untitled Subtitle- This story basically introduces Mother, an intergalactic parasite who consumes whatever she needs in order to build her strength and survive. She seeks to steal the power of Wiccan. This would also show Kid Loki teaming up with the Young Avengers, as well as give us the arrivals of Ms America, Marvel Boy, and Prodigy.

  7. Don't do it Marvel phase 5 will be bankcrupt this time. Sorry to say

  8. By the time young avengers comes out tom Holland is going to be 28 so hes to old to be in that

  9. When Tony said "don't change anything in the past 5 years". Did that meant Hulk/Bruce had that power just by putting on the gauntlet?

  10. Why is Spider-Man still in the picture he’s back with fox isn’t he ?

  11. 2988 the year kang the conqueror is going to travel back in time to kill the avengers

  12. Falcon and winter soldier- patriot
    Wanda and vision – wiccan and speed
    Hawkeye -————— kate bishop
    She hulk. – ———— hulking
    Ms marvel – —- ms marvel
    And last stature (ant man daughter) and iron lad ( iron man 3)
    It totally makes sense they r building younge avenger by disney plus

  13. I bet they'll make a captain marvel movie where she faces against the scrull and that way they introduce hulkling but this is me guessing, also i bet they're introducing wiccan and speed on wandavision for dysney+

  14. Is Spider-Man gonna be part of it??

  15. Hell If that Wanda movie doesn’t hint at Wiccan and Speed Im going to be pissed.

  16. They have so much to work with and just add a few Easter eggs and then there is si much more to work with.Set ups for the Fantastic Four and so much more.

  17. Doesn't anybody else notice that the scene where prof Hulk is putting on the gauntlet is a reminisance to Cap's own serum scene when they think it's going overload and Peggy shouts "Shut it down" and then cap says "No i can do this", similar to thor saying to take it off but then hulk says "I'm ok". Maybe this was intentional maybe coincidental, quite awesome though. Anybody?

  18. I have not read all the comments here, so someone might have already mentioned this. Spider-Man Homecoming did flesh out Miles Morales – so we could conceivably have a Spider-Man on the young Avengers but with Miles instead of Peter Parker and that would be a great way to bring him into the MCU as a fully realized character instead of just a name reference. And since we don't know if he was one of the snapped – he could be whatever age you needed him to be.

  19. @emergency awesome I was watching Endgame again at home and realized something. Dr. Strange could have used the time stone to save Tony by reversing time on just Tony back to before the snap. Just like how Thano’s did Vision in Infinity War.

  20. I agree… why bring the boy back from iron man 3 at the funeral unless he would have a future role.

  21. Spider is not in the MCU😭😭😭

  22. Should’ve made a thanos snap fading affect on Spider-Man in the thumbnail

  23. Dam this is a HUGE reach all we can do is sit in our hands and watch what happens.

  24. It’s future Spider-Man!

  25. Look very closely at the small box after 2988, I believe it says BC and the other two says AD

  26. I think Kang is somehow related to that future date.

  27. 5:36 why is there the flash in the avengers ?

  28. I think that Shuri will be the girl ironman because how smart she is. If not she will still be a good character so good she might need her own movie

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