Very few associations, groups, or plans specifically endorse obligations to vulnerable populations.

While associations are more visible, low-profile activity by individual business players has been geared towards influencing the policymaking process from within.


Efforts to calculate the level of price support for rice required the government to elicit cost of production data from the agricultural associations.

As regards psychological distress, no association was found with decision latitude, while conflicts at work increased the risk of psychological distress.

They both joined religious associations that re-created and reinforced the intimacy of an imagined but bygone village community.

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Supervised learning of pattern associations via localist representations was (re)shown to be self-organizing, stable, and plastic.

This makes it difficult to implement the idea that associations apply to increasingly complex representations.

The inclusion of the terms representing associations allows for the infection with multiple species to be non-independent.

The associations that this random input produces are consequently weakened, and the process is repeated many times with different kinds of random input.

In other words, although the strict style always carried symbolic associations of law and order, this law had different implications at different times.

Such symbolic associations are ‘ideological’ through and through, though this latter word is problematic.

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Elites obtain symbolic capital or social prestige through the associations.

Further studies are thus required to confirm or refute this association.

Such studies provide information as to associations between the species on a community level.

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The question of succession prompted families engaged in the same occupation to form an association that controlled members’ marriages and inheritances.

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