Assassin's Creed – All missions | Full game | thông tin về game mới cập nhật tại Bem2

Có phải bạn đang muốn xem thông tin về game đúng không? Có phải bạn đang tìm chủ đề game assassin creed 1 đúng vậy không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem những thông tin về nội dung này tại đây nhé.

Assassin's Creed – All missions | Full game | Tổng hợp những thông tin về game hay nhất.

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Assassin's Creed - All missions | Full game

Danh sách tất cả các nhiệm vụ của Assassin’s Creed: ✠ Memory Block 1 00:00:03 – Masyaf ✠ Memory Block 2 00:29:25 – Tamir ✠ Memory Block 3 01:04:10 – Garnier de Naplouse 01:26:48 – Talal ✠ Memory Khối 4 01:46:37 – Abu’l Nuqoud 02:11:16 – William de Montferrat 02:33:22 – Majd Addin ✠ Khối bộ nhớ 5 02:54:56 – Jubair al Hakim 03:20:50 – Sibrand ✠ Memory Block 6 03:38:25 – Robert de Sable 04:02:30 – Arsuf ✠ Memory Block 7 04:24:37 – Trận chiến cuối cùng với Masyaf Nhà phát triển: Ubisoft Montreal Nhà phát hành: Ubisoft Ngày phát hành: NA 13 tháng 11 năm 2007.. ……………………………………………… …………………….. G +: Facebook của tôi:..

>> Ngoài xem bài viết về nội dung Assassin's Creed – All missions | Full game này bạn có thể xem thêm nhiều Tin tức game khác tại đây: ở đây.

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Vậy là bạn đã xem xong bài viết chủ đề game assassin creed 1 rồi nhé. Ngoài xem các thông tin về game mà chúng tôi cung cấp thì bạn có thể xem thêm nhiều thông tin liên quan đến game, thủ thuật, hướng dẫn, clip game… tại đây nhé: tại đây.

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Rất mong những thông tin về game do Bem2 cung cấp sẽ mang nhiều giá trị cho bạn. Xin chân thành cảm ơn bạn đã theo dõi bài viết chủ đề game assassin creed 1 của chúng tôi.

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  1. How is seeing in 2021

  2. What did he say at the end when he killed Al mualim

  3. It has great graphics as it's system requirements are very low yet great graphics. Though I can run GTA V on Dual core 2 GB RAM 128MB GPU still this this game will look better for it's requirements are too low.
    Back I had played Bloodlines on PPSSPP Android and now another great graphics game I'll on PC. I had played AC games on Java emulator J2ME Loader. But this experience is great.

  4. But how did you get on the hors

  5. I like this game but couldn't understand the story due to absence of subtitles 😓. I always had to increase the volume of my PC to listen to talks. It's so irritating

  6. Is this ac 1??

  7. 257 ad is here

  8. 2021 happy New year

  9. his was back when Assassin's Creed water like lava

  10. This game is masterpiece I wanna play it but unfortunately it’s for ps3, I only have pc and ps4 not Xbox and any other consoles

  11. HI FROM 2021!

  12. 2021 here👋🏽

  13. Anyone enjoying this masterpiece in 2021?

  14. Good but fond memories in playing A.C.1. A.C.2 A.C.3 or however many later excellent Assassin.Creed games that came out as the years went by..
    And I still have 3 or 4 or 5 Assassin's Creed games all them safely tucked away somewhereish..
    But I don't have all the 12 A.C. Games unfortunately unbelievably..
    Saving citizens in Assassin's Creed 1 as part off minor mission completions you help them firstly tenfold from whatever is needed or saving then they repay you back hundredfold with essential or dire 100% mission obstacles to overcome or fulfill….
    Then there's getting Citywide flags in all cities portrayed in A.C.1 as part off minigame or sidegame completions..
    Along with viewpoints in as well as all manner off investigation related tasks such as pickpocketing stealthy kill tasks informer challenge tasks eavesdropping tasks and beating the crap out off informants for information tasks….

  15. Odyssey is by far my favorite game and the one that actually got me to play the series. BUT I really love all of these games and wish I had the same nostalgia trip you guys had

  16. This game brings back memories from summer 2009 I've been a big fan since then after i beat it once i remember i managed to beat the game again in one day. Glad i still have it

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