I am much more interested in silver, in antiquities, in porcelain, in furniture, and in old works of art.

Will he consider celebrating the centenary by updating legislation in related areas, such as the law on treasure trove and movable antiquities?


In any case, it is an irrelevant consideration when deciding whether antiquities should be preserved for the nation.

Among those antiquities he had in his shop or gallery today a number of dinosaurs’ eggs.

Any piece of legislation which polices and regulates the growing market in illegal works of art and antiquities is to be applauded and supported.

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However, it is a subject of concern to museums of antiquities.

Their archives, antiquities, artefacts and expertise will not be scattered but will be lovingly cherished.

Co-operation on all sides, collectors, finders, and the antiquities trade is the way forward.

There are many other antiquities to which that argument applies.

The portable antiquities document looks at the relative merits of voluntary and compulsory systems for the recording of finds.

First there are what may be called antiquities—sculpture, carvings, pottery, ceramics of all sorts; the contents of the whole wide field of archæology.

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They also have to record antiquities and preserve them, catalogue them and publish them.

We are fully involved in international efforts to regulate trade in antiquities and the problem of illegal exports.

Portable antiquities are part of our inheritance, which is irreplaceable if lost.

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I was not sure whether it should be a debate on the illicit trade in antiquities or on the trade in illicit antiquities.

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