It is precisely this open-endedness which gives online self-representational writing its fascinating, sometimes even addictive quality.

No significant change in the regulatory regime governing cigarettes occurred as a result of the successful characterisation of cigarettes as addictive.


In the 1990s, this stress was augmented with the discovery of evidence that nicotine is addictive and that the tobacco industry had suppressed this evidence.

A thrilling powerhouse of a scherzo, this self-contained, self-generating piledriver of a piece is addictive and riveting – in every sense.

We are, then in the business of selling nicotine, an addictive drug effective in the release of stress mechanisms.

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A common theme in these criticisms is that aid is like a narcotic, fostering addictive behaviour among states that receive it.

First, they challenged the idea that smokers exercised choice either by emphasising the addictive nature of cigarettes or characterising smoking as an illness.

Efforts to characterise cigarette smoking as addictive have formed an important part in the campaign to transform the debate about smoking.

The counseling groups were led by certified drug clinicians and focused on information on the unfolding of addictions and pitfalls of addictive behaviors.

In addition to these direct, performance-impairing effects, substance use may cause psychosocial consequences through a simple addictive model.

Many patients believe the drug to be highly addictive and are therefore reluctant to take it for their pain.

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Studies of the effects of addictive drugs suggest that they work by directly stimulating neural mechanisms that are associated with desiring or ‘wanting’.

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The fact that nicotine is so highly addictive is probably the greatest barrier to smoking cessation, argues this author.

As addictive drugs are consumed, increasing neural activity in the mesolimbic system stimulates reward pathways, thereby attenuating the dysphoria associated with drug abstinence and withdrawal.

When exposed to these addictive substances, tolerance builds up within certain neurotransmitters.

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